20 Perfectly-Timed Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy

Practical jokes are all well and good, but sometimes they get taken a little bit too far. Call it the YouTube phenomenon: they’re getting more and more extreme simply because they’re going to get more hits online. It’s not for fun anymore, just for the chance to go viral. Now look at her face in this photo – as if this isn’t going to launch a thousand memes. We are quite positive that there are a ton of them on the internet already.
Except this isn’t just not funny (especially for her), it’s also pretty dangerous. Yes, that’s a proper stingray on her back, and yes, that’s the same kind of animal that killed Steve Irwin back in 2006. There’s a good reason she’s screaming in absolute terror, and that’s because her boyfriend, probably ex by now, is actually trying to kill her.
Who doesn’t remember the long summer days at the pool when you were just a teenager? Baking under the sun until you were as red as a tomato, swimming around underwater perving on all the hot older girls, sucking in your baby fat for all it was worth, and desperately trying to impress people with your mad backflip skills.
Every summer, though, there would be one kid who just did it wrong. Whether they slipped as they ran up the diving board, or misjudged their jump, or accidentally threw themselves into the shallow end, you could count on at least one major injury per season. It looks like the guy in this photo is this year’s contender for the “Better Stick To Cannonballs” award. The worst part is that the girls aren’t even watching.