30 Crazy Camping Photos That Will Make You Glad You’re A Homebody

Camping is a love-hate activity. To some, it is a must-do activity laden with adventure and increased family unity. To others, it is a miserable excursion that involves no showers, smelly sleeping environments and a severe case of being out of your comfort zone.

Shutterstock/Greg Epperson

Of course, the benefits of camping include being at one with the great outdoors. But even then, it doesn’t always go as planned!

Check out our slideshow of comic and, in some cases, not-so-happy campers!

1. Camping On A Budget



Camping isn’t supposed to be a glamorous affair, but this spendthrift chap took it to the next level by investing in a tent barely big enough for his head!

Still, at least he had an excuse for not sitting through a camp performance of “kumbaya my lord.”

2. No Room In The Inn


If you ever want on a family camping trip as a child, you’ll look back and realise how much work your parents did to make sure your needs were met- be it cooking from a tiny stove, putting up your tent, driving you around the local area- and this photo proved once again that parents always get the rough end of the stick.

Boys, ey? They’re more interested in their bikes than the welfare of their mothers.

3. No Camping…


Campers probably weren’t too popular in this part of the world after they blatantly ignored the small but clear “No Camping” sign. Whilst campers are known for being intrepid folks, this was probably a bit too much.

That said, the park’s directions could perhaps have done with a bigger sign.